Professional Support Program

Rabbis and community leaders need professional support in order to bear the immense responsibility of being a leader and keep both motivation and energy levels high. RIKMA has developed a program that is intended to provide spiritual leaders with new hopes and ideas, as well as help them strengthen their connection with other brave colleagues.

Amongst the activities that are planned for 2003-2004 are:

May 2003
A Week Long Meeting Between the Boulder, Colorado Community and RIKMA Fellows

As part of a joint project between The Weaver Foundation and Rikma, at least two trips to Boulder Colorado will take place this year. The first, in March, saw Rabbi Elisha Wolfin and Rabbi David Lazar teach and learn in this vibrant community. The second trip, coming up in May will include a number of Rikma fellows(3-4) who will explore the community's many successful projects together, meet its influential leaders and teach in a number of different frameworks.

May -June 2003
Jewish Healing Conference in Arizona

These same fellows will continue their learning experience in Arizona, where they will participate in the Jewish Healing conference.