Fellowship Program

Rikma Fellowship Program: The heart of RIKMA, this intensive course in leadership, targets charismatic, talented rabbinical students and other community leaders-in-training, who share a pluralistic view of Judaism. Using a hands-on approach, the program combines study in Israel and the United States, and original projects in community action. Program participants attend regular study and re-thinking sessions with leading Israeli and American Jewish scholars and activists. Study is translated into action when the students are launched into the community, where they begin learning leadership through realization of an original project. Upon completion of the program, fellows carry their RIKMA experience into a long-term commitment of professional community innovation.

Rikma Fellowship graduates target what may be the greatest untapped resource for changing the face of Israeli society through social action - the many Israelis at large seeking a meaningful spiritual community. This population encompasses Israelis from every walk of life: unaffiliated religious Jews, Ashkenazi and Mizrahi alike, who yearn for inspired community; seekers returning from the Far East; and others - from secular and traditional at backgrounds - who have not yet found an avenue of community expression that suits their needs.

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