About us

RIKMA is a richly connotative word invoking images of intricate embroidery, connective tissue, and fabric both textile and social. RIKMA aims to weave just that, the sustaining web of connection that binds people into communities and communities into living organisms that live at the throbbing center of greater society, giving and creating to build a better Israel.

RIKMA is an educational organization that seeks to breathe new fire into Jewish life in Israel, by building original communities and strengthening existing ones through training and support of leadership. Through its Fellowship Program for Rabbis-in-training and Professional Support Programs for rabbis and lay leaders, RIKMA is spreading its vision of community from an optimal point of entry: inspired leadership. RIKMA works towards its goals by targeting potential leaders from a wide range of backgrounds for its Fellowship Program and Professional Support Strategy.

Rikma is resource conscious and works hard to channel existing Israeli assets towards its goals, whether they be human resources, infrastructure, seminaries, schools or youth groups. Rikma was founded with a seed grant from the Wurtman Ner David Foundation and receives significant support from the Weaver Family Foundation, the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles and the Gittelson Family Foundation.

Rikma is operated in co-operation with the Wurtman Ner David foundation, a US foundation founded by Jacob Ner David and Elie Wurtman.

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